Check Your Status

Ok -- so if you've completed your Exit Interview and you're unsure about what happens next -- then you're in the right place -- asking the right guy.

Steve Sweeney here -- and here's the skinny on where you go from here:  

  • Assuming you've had your Exit Interview phone call, make sure you've passed your final exam -- not sure?  Check your email -- when you pass the final an email is automatically sent to you and my amazing assignment review team.  Now please don't take this personally -- but if you get an email that says you've passed the final exam, and you still call and want to know if you passed the final exam -- the first thing I'm gonna ask you is whether or not you got an email informing you that you passed the exam.   Now if you say "yes" you got that email, but called anyway -- you will hear a momentary (therapeutic) silence from me while I contemplate my response to you haha  (If you need to schedule your exit interview, then stop what you're doing and tap this link now:
  • If you have NOT passed your Final Exam, the go back to the home study login portal and pass the test -- here's the link: -- it's an openbook test -- take it as many times as necessary until you pass it.  Once back on the exam page, tap the link "Review Last Attempt" if you want to see the questions you answered incorrectly (even with me giving you all the answers??? -- honestly, I should require a passing score of 100% don't you agree? -- that's a trick question - don't answer it - the system will automatically re-set your passing score and require a grade of 100% -- SC Gun Law students can disregard the trick question -- they really DO have to score 100% on their exam)  
  • If you've passed the Final Exam, Paid In Full for the course and sent all email assignments to -- then be at peace and watch your email (and spam folder) -- a Completion Certificate (suitable for framing) will be emailed to you AND your case manager at the same time
  • If you need to finish paying for the course -- tap this link:  and select the amount you'd like to pay -- or call/text me and I'll take your payment by phone -- no prob
  • If you are on the phone with the Exit Interviewer and she informs you that your email assignments have not been recieved, she will move forward with the Exit Interview, however your Completion Certificate will not be emailed to you and your Case Manager until your assignments are received by the Assignment Review Team at this email address:
  • If you get an email saying that you still need to pay for your course, and you KNOW the course has been paid for already -- it probably means someone else paid on your behalf with a credit/debit card that's not in your name, and we didn't realize the payment was for you.  If that's the case -- simply text me (Steve) @ 803.242.0778 and I'll get it taken care of right away -- no prob -- or better yet, click this link and update your file with the correct info (the name of the person who paid for your course)  OR email my Amazing Client Services Team by clicking this link and telling them what information needs to be updated:

Tap either button below if I still did not answer your questions in the massive swirl of content I just hurled at you.