Progression Assignment

Please watch all 4 parts of the Progression series and email your reflections to:


Expectations for your reflections are below -- please read them before sending the email.


IMPORTANT:   Here's what I'm looking for in your response to this assignment ~ I really want to know how YOUR  MLD's (Major Life Domains) have been affected by your poor choices -- and please, please, (pretty please w/ sugar on top) don't take this assignment personally - no one is saying you're a "bad person" (at least I'm not saying that, and I'm sure your Case Manager does not think that). 

Truth is that Everybody has made poor choices before, and if someone tries to say they haven't, then they're either a pathological liar, OR, they have some type of degenerative brain disease.  Seriously, we all have blown it at some point in our lives -- so drop your defenses and give me some good work here -- roger that?

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