Self Awareness Assignment

Please take a moment to reflect on how your poor choices have impacted the Critical Areas of Your Life -- these areas are referred to as your Major Life Domains.   They are listed below:

  • Your Money/Finances/Cashflow
  • Your Relationships - Family, Intimate Partner, Associates
  • Legal Issues
  • Job/School
  • Health - Physical, but more importantly;
  1. Your Emotional Health - this is where things like Guilt, Shame, Remorse, Depression, Anger, Fear, Resentment,  and Bitterness grow big and strong - eventually destroying you from the inside out.  The area where some really wicked stuff can be incubated.  We're talking about laboratory conditions for producing a miserable life. 
  2. Your Spiritual Health - things like Condemnation, an Inability to Forgive Yourself, and a general feeling of seperation from God, or your Personal Higher Power.  Combine poor spiritual health with poor emotional health and you have a lethal combination on your hands. 

Please consider and answer the questions below -- then tap the "Submit Button" at the end.  Your responses will be sent to Steve Sweeney, the Home Study Course Adminstrator -- and feel free to text me if you have questions -- my contact info is under the Technical Support tab on the home page.             


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Who is your PTI/AEP or TEP Case Manager? *

Describe the situation that resulted in your PTI participation. *

Describe how your choices/behavior have negatively impacted your income, finances or cash flow. Please be specific. *

What about your relationships? How have they been negatively impacted by your choices or behavior? Be sure to mention Family, Intimate Partner and Friends/Associates *

Describe how this current trouble with the law has caused problems in other areas of your life. What would be the consequences of not getting this charge expunged? *

Tell me about how your choices have affected your Job or School performance. What types of consequences have you experienced? *

Ok - now Health issues are major, especially because your emotional health directly affects your physical health. What types of physical health issues have you had resulting from all of this? *

Describe any or all of the following feelings we sometimes struggle with as a result of making poor choices: Depression, Resentments, Shame, Remorse, Unforgiveness, and Bitterness *

Tell me about any guilt issues you may be experiencing. *

Now tell me - what is your plan? How will you repair what has been damaged in your Major Life Domains (the really important areas of your life)? *

What have you learned about yourself by completing this self awareness inventory? *

What have you learned from this entire PTI situation in general? *

Please tell me the one specific thing you will walk away from this with. It needs to be something that will prevent you from making the same mistake or poor choice again in the future. *

Please describe, in detail, the chain of events that would take place in your life if you got another charge, and it could not be expunged - leaving you with a criminal record. Exactly how would something like that impact your life. *

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